HardyPet Holistic Skincare - Odor Control Shampoo

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HardyPet Holistic Odor Control Shampoo is made with the finest ingredients found in nature to clean your dog naturally. This special blend of ingredients will eliminate skunk and other unpleasant odors. A gentle and effective shampoo that will leave your pet odor free HardyPet Holistic Odor Control Shampoo can be used as often as needed.
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While it is very important to regularly clean and condition your dog's coat, using the wrong shampoo can sometimes do more harm than good. Most pet shampoos contain harsh detergents and chemicals which can irritate a dog's skin, burn their eyes, and in extreme cases can cause contact dermatitis which requires medical intervention.


HardyPet Holistic Shampoos DO NOT CONTAIN harmful detergents and instead use a natural coconut based surfactant which gently breaks up stubborn dirt in your dog's coat, soothes and moisturizes the skin, and washes away without leaving behind any residue. All of our shampoos can be used as often as needed without worrying about stripping your dog's coat or damaging their skin. This unique blend of natural oils and botanicals contains no alcohol, no animal byproducts, and absolutely no harmful ingredients which are typically found in canine shampoos.

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