Dog Panting at Night: Causes and Facts 2020

Dog owners should always keep an eye on their beloved pets. Sometimes they fall ill and it’s hard to define that. The animals cannot tell you about their problems and so you should depend on your attentiveness. One of the potentially dangerous symptoms in the behavior of pets is dog panting at night.

At first glance, it seems to be a normal occasion. However, you should pay closer attention if you spot uncommonly frequent dog shaking and panting at night. It may be a sign that something is wrong with the pet. Attentive and caring dog owners instantly ask professional veterinarians – Why is my dog panting at night? We’ll review and discuss this issue in greater detail.

Non-Dangerous Reasons to Dog Panting at Night

Dog panting at night is not obligatorily something bad. On most occasions, they pant due to natural or hereditary reasons. There are three reasons that are not dangerous. These are:

1.    Cooling down. All dogs pant to simply cool down. Don’t forget that they are all in thick fur and it makes them very hot and sweaty, especially in the summertime. They ventilate their body panting day and night to lower the body temperature. When dogs take out their tongue to pant, it helps to evaporate water faster and thus, ensure cooling of the air.

2.    Specific physiology. Some breeds have a genetic predisposition to pant. These are French Bulldog, Pug, Boxer, and some others. Such physiology leads to brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome or briefly BOAS. Their upper respiratory tract is narrowed and thus, occurs panting. There is nothing you can do about this state. It is quite natural and safe for these breeds. They will be panting and even snort and snore all the time long.

3.    Anxiety or stress. Sometimes, panting is induced by some mental problems. All animals can be stressed, feared, excited, and so on. Anxiety and stress may occur due to multiple reasons. For example, you have moved on to a new house or your pet has changed its owner. An unhappy home environment can likewise cause stress.

4.    Age. Finally, dog heavy panting at night is triggered due to age. When dogs get older, their body gets through unpleasant changes, including panting. If you nourish your pet with vitamins, fish oil, probiotics, and other supplements, you will sufficiently reduce and slow down aging processes.

Dangerous Reasons for Dog Panting at Night

Some occasions mean that dog pants frequently and heavily because of something unhealthy and dangerous for its health. Commonly, it can be detected by louder and harsher sound. Breathing may be a serious effort for your pet. You must instantly turn to a vet because of the next possible reasons:

  • Heatstroke

You should be always cautious during extremely hot days. Your pet may receive a heatstroke, which is manifested by abnormal panting during day and night. Among other symptoms are glazed eyes, the enhanced temperature of the body, abnormal thirst, increased heart rate, and the redness of the tongue. Make sure your dog isn’t exposed to sunlight for long and takes enough water.

  • Allergic reactions

At times, the dog panting at night is provoked by some allergies. Unfortunately, it may be quite difficult to define what allergen caused the allergy. However, you can check some new food or medication taken by your pet. Many dogs are prone to have allergies caused by some sorts of flowers and grass. Consider bee and tick bites because they may lead to swelling of the tongue and throat, which is dangerous for life. Such occasions must be treated instantly.

  • Respiratory issues

Dog panting at night and during the day may be triggered by some respiratory issues. For example, your pet may suffer from pneumonia. This state causes severe fever, inflammation, coughing, weakness, difficulty breathing, etc. If you observe such symptoms, call a vet.

  • Cushing’s disease

This disease can likewise induce abnormal panting. It’s provoked by enhanced levels of cortisol, which is produced by the adrenal glands. The typical symptoms may be excess weight, enhanced thirst, skin and hair deviations, a potbelly, etc.

  • Pain

Another reason for heavy panting is pain. Your dog may be injured or suffer from some diseases. Thus, it’ll pant heavily and frequently. Be attentive to your pet because dogs can perfectly disguise some traumas for a long time.

  • Obesity

Special attention should be given to dogs with excess weight. It’s not good to feed any animal too much. Overweight is a trigger of multiple health problems in humans, as well as in animals. For example, dogs may suffer from arthritis, heart complications, and so on. Panting is one of the common signs of these issues.

  •  Heart issues

Finally, your pet may be suffering from various cardiovascular ailments. It may be very hard to catch their breath and it results in abnormal panting and coughing. Among other signs are excessive tiredness and general weakness.

How to Treat Dog Panting at Night

Dog panting at night can be treated in several ways. A lot depends on the reason why your pet pants. If it’s possible to try to diagnose the problem on your own. The first measure is the simplest – give it some water. Perhaps it’s hot and your pet is thirsty. Find a cool room if it’s possible.

If your dog lives through some stress, you should create a friendly environment. It should be some special place where your dog will feel safe. Try to calm it down. Ensuring massaging, saying gentle and kind words, giving some delicious food, or let play with a favorite toy.

In case your pet suffers from dog excessive panting at night, has some pain, fever, or something of the kind, you should instantly take it to a vet clinic. Such cases should be treated by a professional to avoid the worsening of the dog’s health conditions. Something you can do yourself is make sure your is having their nutritional needs met. Something as simple as our daily canine multivitamin can make all the difference. HardyPet Complete is a natural alternative to address over 50 common canine conditions. Try HardyPet Complete today using our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with no risk and no strings attached.

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