Canine Joint Health

Arthritis is the most common health problem in older dogs. So if you own a dog, you will probably have to deal with it someday. Arthritis comes on in many ways, but the most common cause is the simple wear and tear your pet’s joints undergo over the years - they simply wear out. Veterinarians and physicians sometimes call arthritis, osteoarthritis or...
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Most Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Food safety for dogs is always on our minds, but close to the holidays it is especially important to recognize those foods which do harm when friends and family get together. This image illustrates which foods are most dangerous for dogs...
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Understanding Canine Allergies

By Randy Kidd, DVM, PhD~ Over the years I have treated literally thousands of animal patients for allergic problems, using both Western and alternative medicine methods. I have a multi-tome library of books devoted to the subject of allergies, and my allergy file-folders bulge with articles from dozens of professional journals, magazines, and Web sites...
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New Product Look

Along with changes to the HardyPet website comes an upgrade to the HardyPet label. Inside each bottle remains the same formulas which our customers, and their dogs, have come to depend on for optimal canine health.
We have kept our well known center logo in the middle of the bottle and made changes to the overall label background, logo background and trim colors to offer more consistent packaging across our different formulas and at the same time distinguishing between the Complete, Skin, Immune, and Joint products.
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HardyPet Launches New Website

After 4 years, and hundreds of customer suggestions/recommendations, HardyPet is proud to announce the launch of a brand new website. This new design and layout provides a richer customer experience, enhancements to the customer account login, and added flexibility to our autoship program.
The need for a high quality nutritional supplement to improve canine health was the catalyst for the creation of HardyPet products. This upgrade to our website represents our ongoing committment to canine health by making sure each customer has the information they need to make a positive difference in the health of their beloved pet.
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