Toward the end of the 20th century, a problem was growing in rescue shelters across the country. More and more dogs were being surrendered to or found by rescue organizations that were in poor overall health. Not necessarily underweight or underfed, but poor physical condition attributed to a lack of core nutrients and/or allergies. As the problem continued to grow, so did a need for a solution.

In 2004, a collaboration between several animal rescue shelters and veterinarians specializing in canine nutrition was formed to find that solution. What was needed was a canine supplement that could quickly the most common rehabilitation challenges dog face. With the dedication of the top minds in veterinary medicine and food chemistry research, a collection of ingredients was assembled to provide the most benefit while being completely safe. Over the course of two years, extensive clinical trials and field trials were conducted with the help of shelters and veterinarians. This process discovered the proper ratios of ingredients to maximize results and HardyPet Complete was born.

Every ingredient in the HardyPet collection of supplements and wellness products is tested using microanalysis before each manufacturing cycle. These pharmaceutical grade ingredients are then combined with precision and packaged using strict GMP standards. Everything is sourced domestically, non-GMO and is organic when available. These critical steps are taken to ensure a safe and effective product for every breed of dog because they deserve nothing less.

Today, the HardyPet team includes hundreds of dog loving employees that have one focus: to improve overall canine health one dog at a time. We are all dedicated to making a difference and are ready to help any way we can. Contact us today to ask a question, offer feedback, make a suggestions or join us in our fight to improve canine health. We would love to hear from you.

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