Since 2004, hundreds of thousands of dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds have experienced the health benefits of HardyPet supplements. The wide variety of ingredients which have been carefully balanced through years of research making HardyPet the top choice of veterinarians, breeders, rescue shelters and loving dog owners across North America.

Read what just a handful of HardyPet customers are saying about their experience:


My dog got diagnosed with cancer and I was looking for a supplement that would help boost his immune system while he was going through chemo. I ran across HardyPet and decided to give them a try. I said "Eugene" and he came over and took it with no problem. He actually loves it. Eugene is in remission now and I 100% believe that it would not have been possible without those supplements to help his immune system fight this. I don't think he would be alive today with the support of HardyPet supplements.

~ Dirk E.

I wanted to send a huge thank you. I don't know what is so good in HardyPet to turn my Fiona around. But it is working. She is eleven and in August she had a cancerous tumor on her shoulder removed. So she was really on a roller coaster. I am happy to say she is now back to her old self. She is a one of a kind thank you for helping her stay healthy.

~Ann A.

As Skipper began to get older I searched for a supplement that would help him fight disease, promote joint health, and extend his life. My breeder told me about HardyPet and my own research told me it was recommended by so many veterinarians. After trying it for just a month, the results are amazing and we are so thankful we found a wonderful product. Our Skipper will take it every day from now on.

- Joan A., Boston, MA

Trigger was diagnosed with cancer last year and was given a short time to live. We were so heartbroken we decided to try anything we could to save his life. His cancer went into remission because of the chemotherapy, but in our opinion, he wouldn't have been able to fight off infection if it wasn't for the immune support provided by HardyPet Plus..

- Glenn U., Seattle, WA


It never failed. Every winter my dog Izzy would catch a cold and be sick for at least 2 months. She has been taking HardyPet Plus for almost 2 years
now and hasn't been sick even once.

- Steve J., Chicago, IL

My breeder required HardyPet as part of their puppy contract for the first year. We kept our dog on HardyPet going on 3 years now and we are happy to say that we have never had a single veterinarian visit other than shots and checkups. I can’t say for sure that HardyPet is the only reason, but I would bet it has played a big part.

- Carl L., Orlando, FL


In my practice I see so many dogs that lack the proper nutrients in their diet. This causes multiple conditions which can be prevented. Before HardyPet came along there was not a good quality supplement available for my clients to use. In the 3 years I have been recommending HardyPet for skin issues, joint problems, and immune deficientcies, I have seen almost a 100% success rate which is unheard of. I strongly recommend HardyPet for every breed as a daily supplement to promote good health.

- Dr. Cecilia V., Philadelphia, PA

Our family rescued what some might call a mutt from our local shelter. Abby was so sweet, but her health was a shambles due to years of abuse. The shelter had started her on HardyPet before we took her home and we kept her on it for the past year. Over the first 2 months we noticed a complete turn around in her health and today she is perfect. She may be a mutt, but she is healthiest dog I know...

- Mark M.,San Bernadino, CA
HardyPet Supplements are endorsed by hundreds of private practice veterinarians, over 1,000 rescue organizations and shelters, while also being used by thousands of responsible breeders to promote healthy litters. Don’t wait another day for your family friend to join the hundreds of thousands of healthy dogs that are enjoying the benefits of HardyPet in their diet.
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