HardyPet's mission is to have a meaningful positive impact on the growing trend of declining canine health due to poor nutrition, allergies, suppressed immune function and degenerative joint conditions. By providing HardyPet supplements to your dog, you are helping to achieve this goal while improving the quality of life for your family's beloved friend.
We created the HardyPet Rewards Program to celebrate your help in our fight against poor canine health and reward you for your participation. The program itself is simple. For every purchase you make points are earned which can be redeemed for other products. The amount of points you earn is based on which products are purchased. You can login to your customer account anytime to see your points balance and see the list of products available for redemption.
This program is our way of saying thank for helping us provide a better quality of life for dogs everywhere. Here are the details of how the program works:
Earning Rewards
You will earn points for Net Purchases made at hardypet.com or phone orders made to HardyPet Nutrition. Point values earned vary by product, but typically will equal 10 points for every $1.00 spent (some products earn more or less and each point value earned will be specified on the appropriate product page).
Redeeming Rewards
You can login into your HardyPet customer account anytime to view your points total and redeem earned points.
1. Click on "My Account" in the upper right corner of any page and you will see your account information.
2. Find the "My Rewards" section to view your current points total (click on "detail" to view each order which earned points and how many were collected).
3.Click "Redeem" in the My Rewards section to view a list of redeemable products and how many points are needed for that product. To redeem your points for a product, click "Redeem" under the point cost for that product. You will then be asked to confirm your redemption purchase.
Its that easy! Just three steps: Shop, Earn and Enjoy the rewards. We appreciate your help in our efforts and hope that you enjoy the HardyPet Rewards Program. If you ever have any questions about the program or need assistance redeeming a product, our customer service team is ready to help.
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