HardyChew Genuine Antler Chews - Whole - Small Size
HardyChew Genuine Antler Chews - Whole - Small Size

HardyChew Genuine Antler Chews - Whole - Small Size

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Our naturally shed and thoroughly sanitized antler chews are a must for every dog, especially those that like to chew. A natural source of calcium and phosphorous, HardyChew antler chews will will keep your dog healthy and entertained. Small 5-7"
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Even picky pups go crazy for the HardyChew Canine Antler Chews. This 100% natural antler is low odor and non-allergenic and provides a source of calcium, phosphorous and other beneficial nutrients. Deer antler chews are naturally shed and renewable. They support bone and muscle health and their hard texture helps clean teeth, massage gums and exercise jaws as your dog chews.

What makes our antler chews different is they are guaranteed to be naturally shed and are sanitized using our proprietary Q214 cleansing process that removes possibly toxic and dangerous substances found in the wild where shed antlers are found. Our cleaning process incorporates the use of non-toxic FDA approved food safe cleaners, high temperature steam and a ozone fogging system to provide a triple layer of sanitizing protection. Dog owners should be careful when giving their dog antler chews that have not be properly cleaned and sanitized like HardyChews are.

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