Canine Health Challenge 2020 Bundle
Canine Health Challenge 2020 Bundle

Canine Health Challenge 2020 Bundle

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The perfect trio to jumpstart your dog's health in 2020. A multivitamin, canine specific probiotic and our Activity Disc. Your dog will love feeling better and you will love the huge savings this bundle brings
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Just as important as our own resolutions to have a healthier lifestyle is a goal to improve the health and well being of our furry family friends. Join us in the 2020 Canine Health Challenge with these simple resolutions:

  •  Take your dog on a walk every day. Every dog has different physical capabilities and needs so the length and speed of the walk won't be the same for everyone, but just down the block is a great place to start.
  •  Play with your dog daily. Even 5 minutes of playing catch, squeaking a toy or throwing a frisbee can make a big difference. Your dog will love the attention and activity.
  •  Evaluate your dog's nutrition plan. This is especially true for dogs with grain free or home cooked diets, but every owner should take a minute to see if there is anything they can do to improve their dog's daily nutrition.

It's that simple. Three things you can do that are easy but so important to your dog's health and longevity. HardyPet is here to help by offering a special product bundle for the Canine Health Challenge and it includes three items that will make a big impact in your dog's health in the new year:

  1. HardyPet Complete Daily Multivitamin - 90 Count Bottle. Over 42 ingredients including wide spectrum vitamins and minerals needed for basic body functions to work like they should, natural compounds proven to improve joint function, hearth health, digestion, immune function and advanced skin and coat care.
  2. HardyPet PRO6 Canine Specific Probiotic - 60 Count Bottle. These 6 strains of naturally occurring canine flora are like reinforcements for the battle your dog's digestive system fights every day against things like candida yeast, pH imbalance and optimized nutrient uptake. 
  3. Our own branded Flying Activity Disc. There is a playful puppy inside your dog no matter what their age. With improved nutrition comes added energy and you will cherish the time spent playing catch with our disc.
  4. 28oz Blender Bottle Sport Mixer. Simply the best way to mix powdered drink mixes, like protein shakes, and water fully without any lumps. Also a great container for carrying water for you and your dog during walks and play time.
We have busy lives. Finding time for our own exercise and eating right is a struggle. That is what the 2020 Canine Health Challenge is all about. Motivating ourselves to focus on our dog's improved health and nutrition and at the same time we will get the health benefit of increased activity and maybe even shine a light on our own nutrition plan.

You are not alone. HardyPet Nation is with you and we are here to help motivate and answer any questions you have. Reach out anytime, we would love to hear your story.

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