What is a Guarantee?

For most companies who offer a product guarantee the term means allowing consumers to receive a partial refund if a long list of obstacles are overcome. Makers of products that are known not to work typically put up as many barriers as possible as part of their marketing strategy.

When you are trying a product for the first time a manufacturer's guarantee provides a sense of security that your financial investment is protected and the product itself must be good if the manufacturer is willing to offer a guarantee. Unfortunately, the use of the term "Guarantee" has been polluted by companies looking to take advantage of consumers with impossible return requirements and unrealistic expectations.


HardyPet takes a different approach. Our products have been carefully tested, formulated and used by thousands of dogs of all breeds. The results from using our formulas are well documented and predictable. for this reason we are able to offer all of our customers a 100% guarantee, with the only restriction being the amount of time you have to try our products before starting a return.

We understand that every dog has different taste preferences and there will always be a small percentage of dogs who may not find our supplements palatable. Our testing has shown that this percentage is less than 5% of dogs, but it is important to us that the owners of these dogs are not stuck with a supplement their dogs will not eat. For this reason, we want to ensure that every dog owner considering HardyPet products is able to try them without the fear of a false guarantee or unreasonable requirements to return a product.


Steps For Returning a HardyPet Product:

1. Contact our Customer Service Group either via phone or email within 30 DAYS of receiving your order.

2. We will initiate a product return for you and issue a Return Material Authorization number (RMA) which will be used to track your return.

3. You will receive an email from our Customer Service team detailing the address for product returns in your area, your RMA number, and important information for expediting your return.

4. Once your return product is received we will issue a refund back to the credit card used for your original product purchase. (minus original shipping charges)

5. AUTOSHIP: product returns are only available for first time orders for a particular product and do not apply to autoship orders. The HardyPet Autoship Program is a self-managed subscription service available to regular product users that need the convenience of regular shipping. Any changes to autoship orders must be made prior to the scheduled shipment date. Once an autoship order has processed it cannot be changed, cancelled or returned. Because the autoship program is fully automated and user-directed, a product discount and free shipping may be available. Acceptance of these promotional discounts implies acknowledgment that the autoship program is self managed and all order changes or cancellations must be made prior to the next scheduled ship date. Authorized changes can be made by logging into your account or by contacting our customer service team.

That's it. Just a few easy steps to return your product, no questions asked. We are confident that your dog will love the taste of our supplements and you will love the results. If for any reason you are not happy with any of our products, you investment is protected by the best guarantee of any canine product.
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