Our dedicated staff is ready to assist you any way they can:

- Our Nutrional Counselors can help you find the right HardyPet product for your dog's needs or answer questions about canine health.

- The Customer Service group is always available to assist with changes to your order, to answer questions about a shipment, or anything related to your account.

-  HardyPet Product Specialists have any detailed information you need regarding ingredients, questions about possible contraindications with your dog's medication, or data needed on dosages

Our philosophy is there is no such thing as a questions that shouldn't be asked. A big part of our job is dog owner education and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. We hope that if you do have a questions we can help with, you will reach out to us via email or phone.

(866) 359-5998 - Phone

   or [email protected] - email

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