The HardyPet story begins in 2004 when several rescue shelter organizations and several leading veterinarians met to solve a problem. Throughout rescue shelters across the country, a dramatic increase was being seen in the poor state of health of dogs who were abandoned or surrendered and it was becoming increasingly difficult to find adoptive families in the short amount of time available in the shelter environment.

A solution was needed which would rapidly improve a wide variety common canine ailments without the use of expensive, harmful medications which were not typically available to most shelters. A cooperative of veterinarians, animal nutritionists and rescue shelters was formed with the task of researching a holistic approach to solving the problem of poor canine health in shelters.

In 2005, research began to find the all natural solution to quickly improve canine health with a specific focus on 4 areas: Skin and Coat conditions, Joint health and mobility, Immune system function, and digestive health. Finding one formula that would address each of those areas was not a simple task.

Over 4 years of research, several clinical trials, hundreds of individual field trials, multiple reformulations, and thousands of eager dogs looking to improve their health all contributed to what is today known as HardyPet Complete. There is no other canine supplement which has been researched as thoroughly and provides such remarkable results.

Typically, such large collaborations have difficulties maintaining the discipline needed to reach the common goal which brought them together. In the case of HardyPet, every single contributing member had already dedicated their lives to the betterment of animals in their field. This common dedication provided a natural focus to the project and allowed for such amazing results.

Because there is so little time to find a rescue dog a new home, and existing health issues can make adoption difficult, the creation of the HardyPet Complete formula was a necessity and its widespread use has become a lifeline to hundreds of thousands of dogs each year.

While HardyPet was originally designed for use in rescue shelters and by veterinarians, in 2008 it became available for purchase by dog owners directly from HardyPet. This began a revolution of improving canine health across the country and has grown to include hundreds of thousands of loving dog owners.

Even with a growing awareness by owners of the need for providing a canine supplement to their family pets, there are certain canine conditions which are increasing in frequency. The need for canine health education is even greater today and our staff works tirelessly to provide the information dog owners need to make the best decision for their dogs.

If you are a dog owner, we would like to welcome you to the HardyPet community. Each one of our employees and customers are dedicated dog lovers who are all working together to collectively improve canine health.

We are always available to answer any questions you have about canine health, HardyPet products, charitable event participation to help rescue shelters and individual rescue organizations. Everyone at HardyPet believes that every dog, regardless of size, shape or age deserves a healthy life. We hope you join us in our efforts.

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