HardyPet Complete 110 Ct. Bottle Soft Chews
HardyPet Complete 110 Ct. Bottle Soft Chews

HardyPet Complete 110 Ct. Bottle Soft Chews

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By far, the most complete daily canine vitamin available, with or without a prescription. Originally designed to rapidly rehabilitate rescue dogs in shelters in order to increase the possibility of adoption, HardyPet Complete is made with over 40 pharmaceutical grade ingredients. This combination of holistic natural compounds, amino acids and broad spectrum vitamins provide the essential nutrients all dogs need to achieve optimum health. AN AUTOSHIP VERSION OF THIS PRODUCT IS ALSO AVAILABLE FROM OUR PRODUCT LIST.
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Painful itching and hair loss? Debilitating Joint Conditions? Suppressed Immune Function? Expensive Veterinary Bills?

These are common conditions dogs and their owners are facing daily. The good news is there is a solution!

Using a high quality daily multivitamin can help avoid some of the most common canine conditions and save thousands on veterinary bills. Not to mention preventing unnecessary suffering for your family's best friend. Continue reading to find out why HardyPet Complete is the #1 choice of pet professionals for their own dogs to combat these common problems.

Digestion Aid: 
Amino acids and enzymes encourage healthy stomach function to properly absorb nutrients.
Joint Health:
Eases joint inflammation, encourages joint repair, reduces premature cartilage deterioration, and calcium for long-term joint health.
Immune Function:
Loaded with antioxidants to neutralize harmful free radicals, boosts immune system and natural hemoglobin production.
Heart Health:
Critical minerals and Omegas combine with other ingredients to nourish the circulatory system.
Skin Conditions:
Eliminates itching, reduces skin irritations, helps heal hot spots, and reduces future occurrences with Omega 3/6/9 oils.
Coat Problems:
Lessens severity of seasonal shedding, hair loss caused by skin issues, speeds recovery of post-nursing hair loss for breeding females.
Shelters across this country rescue dogs with a variety of challenging conditions which need to be treated prior to finding an adoptive family. Limited budgets and access to veterinary care for shelters to look for a non-prescription effective solution. Through years of clinical research and field trials HardyPet Complete was born. Hundreds of shelters have been using HardyPet Complete for years and have been able to save thousands of dogs which would have otherwise might not have had that chance.

Veterinarians across the country are big supporters of HardyPet because there is so much packed into every dose. Most veterinarians will tell you that there are not many canine health products that have much value. Either they are too narrow in their approach or lack the ingredients necessary to make a meaningful difference. HardyPet Complete contains 42 amazing ingredients and provides more nutrients and value than any other multivitamin made specifically for dogs. Another benefit is they taste great. Most dogs take them like a treat. We guarantee your dog will love to eat them and you will love how it makes them look and feel or your money back, no questions asked.
The reality is not every manufacturer of canine products takes the same care and attention as someone making products for people. Using ingredients from overseas, substandard manufacturing practices and cutting corners are common. HardyPet uses ONLY ingredients made in the USA and will never use an ingredient that cannot be tracked, tested, verified and certified. Our GMP facility uses pharmaceutical grade ingredients in a clean room environment, tests and retests every ingredient throughout the manufacturing, and constantly review every process to ensure you are getting nothing but the purest canine multivitamin possible. There is no company that takes quality as seriously as we do which is one of the reasons our products are consistently rated the best!
Not many products anywhere come with a true unconditional money back guarantee. Our philosophy has always been that you should be able to try something new for your dog without the risk of getting stuck with something you can't use. We are so certain that you will love the results with HardyPet Complete that we guarantee it. Almost every dog takes them like a treat daily, but if you have a picky eater you can feel comfortable trying the best nutritional option you can give them without worrying about having a full bottle you can't use. Try a bottle of HardyPet Complete today and you your dog will be so glad you did.
For more information about ingredients and directions for use, scroll up for the individual tabs with that information. Or you can always give us a call and our nutritional specialists will help you.

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